Hutch Pro Racer - BMX Rebuild and Restore 04

Posted by Matthew Poster on

After rebuilding the wheels, I got started re-finishing the frame, fork and handlebars. I begin by gathering all the necessary cleaners, brushes and tools:

  • Coffee!, Yes, a lot of coffee!
  • Elbow grease, (not shown)
  • Razor blades, for decal removal
  • GoofOff, sticky residue clean-up
  • Simple Green, dirt and grime remover
  • Aluminum Foil, rust remover
  • Flitz, Chrome Polish
  • Frame Saver, to protect the inside!

The decals were wrong and jacked up too much to keep. I ordered new ones directly from Hutch so i was sure to have the complete set. These will be applied down below.

Because I could not find any thorough decal placement guides, I measured the existing decals that seemed correct and did some Google'in to figure out the rest.

 After measuring, I CAREFULLY started to peel off the old decals with my fingers and razor blade. Only because the frame was chrome did I feel comfortable using this method. If it were painted, I would have only used my fingers.

Once all the decals were off, I used GoofOff to remove the sticky residue. Again, if this was painted or power coated, I would have used different chemicals. DO NOT USE GoofOff on painted or powder coated frames!!! It will likely dull or eat your paint / powder coated finish!

You can see the difference in the chrome under the decals. Even after polishing this will likely never match. So, use this to help with placement of the new decals.


I took each part through the same process:

  • Wash with Simple Green
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry
  • Inspect for rusty areas
  • Scrub those spots with aluminum foil, wipe dry
  • Polish with Flitz
  • Spray the insides with Frame Saver to keep the rust inside at bay!

The chrome was in pretty good shape without much rust, so I decided to use the aluminum foil method for removing the rust oxide. The chemistry behind this method causes a slow thermite reaction turning the rust oxide into black dust. But more like black goop when water is in the mix.

In some cases the chrome is just too far gone to really look nice. This could be where some parts need re-chroming or maybe paint / powder. But, that is all up to how bad you want it to look perfect. I rarely build any carpet queens and I love riding. So, I just moved ahead and did my best.

Finally the frame:

All finished cleaning, polishing and protecting. Ready for decals!

Putting on new decals can be a challenge! Some use methods of spraying a mix of dawn dish soap and isopropyl alcohol so, they have time to align the decals and be sure the placement it correct. I'm a little more daring and just go for it. I also only use my finger instead of a squeegee. I like to start with the easy ones that I know exactly where they go:


Done! Now we're set to start making some special parts that I hope to offer to the  public and re-assemble this classic machine to get it back on the track! Yes, I plan on riding it and even taking it over some sweet jumps! Stay tuned!